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                    COUNTERTOP and TILE REFINISHING

Thinking of Refinishing Your Countertop or Tile?

Your old or dated countertops and tile walls can usually be refinished in less than a day. (Stone-Fleck designs require a second application (clear coat) after the base color coat has cured at least 24 hrs.). We can do it without removing sinks or touching the plumbing. While we're at it, we'll get rid of any dings, dents or tile cracks the years can cause.  Your newly refinished formica countertop will no longer have seams and tile countertop grout lines will be sealed, giving you a solid slab stone look and eliminate the worry of water damage to the substrate (usually particleboard if you have formica tops).  The new surface will be extremely hard and resist most stains and chemicals. Click here to choose your favorite Stone-Fleck color.

1.You can use your new countertop within 2 days of refinishing
2. The new surface is guaranteed not to flake or peel.
3. The backsplash can be refinished even if it extends up to the wall cabinets.
4. Your new countertop  will be hard and heat resistant but you'll still have to care for it like a new laminate top (see the new laminate care guide).
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5. Tile surfaces will look  new, be  durable and easy to clean and the grout lines sealed.






Kitchen Countertop Re-finished in Stone-Flecks Galena.
The front edges have been rounded and all laminate joints
 are sealed and are no longer visible


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