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                                          RE-LINE OR REFINISH

Better Than Plastic Liners

We often hear from our customers that they are thinking about relining their bathtub. It's often a mistake. Relining  only covers up problems with your tub, it certainly doesn't fix them. Often times these problems persist (like rust and mold) and continue their destruction.

Reglazing or repainting generally lasts around 15 years, while liners last around 5-10 years. A relined tub is plastic or fiberglass and feels and wears like plastic and fiberglass, yet will still run you nearly 3 times the cost. Often a liner will leak water between it and your old tub and eventually cause your new liner to "float to the top" or completely rust out your old underlying tub. The acrylic finish of a liner is not as hard and durable as Glas-Tech 9000. It scratches, wears and dulls faster. And, worst of all, it feels like a motel tub. Acrylic tubs are great for trailers because they don't weigh as much as your steel or cast-iron tub.

A refinished tub is clean, hygienic and last for years at an economical cost.