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Three Non-Transferable Warranty (One-Year for Countertops)




              The  Countertops Plus Non-transferable Warranty covers most* bathtubs, wall tile, and fiberglass fixtures. They are warranted for a period of 3 yrs with Glas-Tech 9000, against peeling or other failure of adhesion of the coating and workmanship issues; countertops are covered for one-year. The refinished surface must be maintained as per instructions. Scratching, deterioration of the finish or chipping and staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear and are not covered under this warranty. It does not cover customer neglect or for failure to comply with the suggested  care and maintenance instructions. No warranty on kitchen sinks, rust repairs or floor refinishing. Movement or flexing on any surface or caulk resulting in cracks or splits is not warranted. Management will retain the sole legal right to determine if the refinished item is covered by this warranty. Repairs are scheduled at a mutually convenient time during normal business hours (M-F 9am-5pm). Scheduling repairs can take up to 14 business days after inspection and approval.

All warranties must be registered within 30 days of job completion either:  Online at the website: http://www.countertopsplustubs.com or by TELEPHONE (405-216-3091)  OR MAIL to: 
Countertops Plus Warranty, 10904 A-1 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK. 73120.
For the first 90 days, all LOCAL warranty work is performed at no charge to the customer.
Those outside this area will be only charged the appicable mileage charge. (listed below)
 After that period, a service charge shall be applied as follows:

Within the Oklahoma City Metro Area - $25.00


  Outside a 25 mile radius a $1.25/mile charge (one-way from our Oklahoma City store).

*Some repairs are limited to a 90-day warranty; for example: rust repairs; crack repairs to fiberglass, cultured marble and acrylic surfaces.
These types of repairs can be influenced by underlying problems such as improper support, age, excessive expansion and contraction, and foundation movement. Late, partial or non-payment of charges nullifies any actual or implied warranty.
 Ask your estimator about your particular repair.